Research & Development

chemistDirected by a Chemical Engineer, AmeriPharm’s Research Laboratory is committed to the study of innovative nutraceutical and molecule-to-market development. The Reedsville, Pennsylvania facility conducts the majority of the chemical research done on the isolation of natural compounds. Using advanced instrumentation, the scientific team first identifies new active compounds and then continues onto developing the manufacturing procedures for bulk production.

The excellence of AmeriPharm’s Research and Development Department remains in its adherence to strict quality protocols. All scientific output is validated in accordance to FDA requirements as well as international regulatory systems. Cutting edge research is conducted through double-blind placebo controlled trials at the clinical level. Highly qualified pharmacologists and chemists conclude the process by writing a scientific article specific to the nutraceutical product they have developed. These articles detail the contents, actions, and interactions of the products, as well as any statistically significant results found during the clinical trials. This is done to provide the client with a comprehensive description of the product and its capabilities, and to deliver a transparent outline of the product’s adherence to FDA guidelines.

Around the globe, there is an increased interest in nutraceuticals that contribute to a more healthful lifestyle. AmeriPharm takes pride in offering the new and innovative products that provide the opportunities to bring these goals to fruition. AmeriPharm is a supplier of R&D solutions in terms of products and services. Our core expertise is based on the knowledge of natural substances and on a multidisciplinary technical platform to leverage this knowledge in active molecule or ingredient discovery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

Nature is a large reservoir of inspirations. Our libraries derived from natural wealth want to capture these sources of innovations. This ambition is supported by a worldwide network for sourcing raw materials and for biological assays. We give access to our cutting-edge platform through our services in extraction, purification, chemical analysis, and organic chemistry.Based on our long experience in natural products, many companies trust our added-value for their R&D. Our partners range from both large and small dietary supplement companies, cosmetics, pharmaceutical companies, active ingredient suppliers, and chemical companies.

AmeriPharm can bring the translation of your ideas into solid and scientific rationale. First we define the biological activity sought, then the biological targets (e.g. enzymes or receptors) are identified. From there, we will use cutting-edge data mining of our databases, activity prediction with our proprietary techniques) to identify active molecules, which consists in a docking software to predict interaction energies of a ligand with a protein and a database of 7000 protein structures with annotated biological properties – e.g. antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, aging…. It provides precious estimations on the selectivity and/or the synergy that molecules may have on a set of protein targets. This process has proven its usefulness in finding nutraceutical applications for natural compounds, hence extracts containing these compounds – It has also been used in drug repositioning with success. The biological activities being experimentally validated, the development phase starts by finding source that can contain the active molecules. An optimal extraction method is developed at pilot scale by considering a wide range of techniques. At that stage, we can assess industrial feasibility and have enough products to do organoleptic, stability, formulation, safety and clinical evaluations.

dietaryThe benefits of AmeriPharm’s approach are numerous:

  • accelerate the R&D pace
  • solid scientific rationale aligned with marketing message
  • active components of the ingredients are identified that can be used as biomarkers
  • reproducibility of your ingredients in terms of composition and activity

AmeriPharm has also identified several bottlenecks in the development of an active ingredient including optimal sourcing and optimal extraction (even purification) process of the bioactive molecules. To help our customers in the development step, we develop a multiple process platform (at pilot scale) including several scalable techniques of extractions e.g. liquid extraction, extraction with microwaves, supercritical CO2 and subcritical H2O extraction. This platform is unique as in general other companies will only use one or two techniques but not a wide range of them. That’s why we are well positioned to respond to numerous extraction challenges. This new platform is completed upstream with a network of natural material suppliers at industrial scale. Moreover, AmeriPharm is supported by a network of partners and consultants for issues concerning regulation, IP, toxicology & safety and biological evaluation (binding, in vitro, ex vivo and clinical studies). AmeriPharm is one of the few companies in the dietary supplement field that utilizes its pharmaceutical approach when looking at natural products, which has set us apart from the industry as we are at the forefront of innovation.

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